Saturday, November 15, 2003
11:47 PM

i think, THINK elijah likes me... ew.. He's like one of my best guy friends, again, makes me think of Aj.

Thursday, November 13, 2003
4:43 PM

Ok, so I haven't updated in ages, but I mean, why post if nothing really happened. I am at my grammas house and it is gonna b so frigging boring. I'm listening to Led Zepplin, which is cool. I like classic rock. I'm trying to d/l AIM, but this comp is so gosh darn slow that it takes like a half hour, where as on any other comp it would take 5 minutes. On mine, it takes 2 seconds, but we hav Broadband. Yeah, I guess these aren;t exciting secrets, but I don;t know. don't care. I could post my faied flirting attempts. I'm not bold. I am very shy. People never guess that, but I am. Like, I can make tons of friends, like, Andy. or Shane or Elijah. Or SUnny and Aditya. Or Aubrey and Brian. Like AJ(from drama) says"I don;t know what it is about me, but I can alwasy make friends with girls". Like mine is kinda more general. I cna makie firends anywhere. But I am very shy at flirtung. Like becasue I'd rather have a regular convo with the person. Like today, me and Andy were talking about ummm... hey arnold. and he does kinda look like him, if we enlarged his head and spiked his hair with a tiny hat. lol. Yeah...... well, tomorrow we have a class trip and i have the loser bus. It isn;t like the "bobo" bus frum gettysburg, which had the cool people on it and was fun, it was just for people with, like, Asthma and stuff. This bus has my ghetto hr and Mrs. Pappas, who is the Spawn of Satan, or Mrs. Gurtovs "daughter". lol. My mom thought I was serious. Write later!! Aim's almost done!!

Monday, November 10, 2003
5:04 PM

This is the convo b/w me and Elijah, who cannot figure put who I like, although he did guess it liek 100 times, but I said no! hahah!!
elijahy15: sorry for messin with u:-(
elijahy15: why are u messin with me i am sayin sorry
Superainbowbrite: hmmmmm
elijahy15: do u forgive me?
Superainbowbrite: maybe
Superainbowbrite: only if u hav some good gossip
elijahy15: i like someone
elijahy15: :-D
Superainbowbrite: tell me
Superainbowbrite: and I'll forgive
elijahy15: you
elijahy15: lol that was my sister
Superainbowbrite: umm
Superainbowbrite: ok??
Superainbowbrite: well
Superainbowbrite: can i have some gossip now?
elijahy15: what were u about to say when
elijahy15: my sis said that?
Superainbowbrite: when...
Superainbowbrite: umm..ewww??
elijahy15: lol. i don't u know/
elijahy15: do u like anyone
Superainbowbrite: possibly
elijahy15: who?
Superainbowbrite: like I'd tell
Superainbowbrite: only Veronica knos
Superainbowbrite: and she wont tell
elijahy15: what do i have to do to find out?
Superainbowbrite: guess and maybe I'll tell ay
Superainbowbrite: *ya
elijahy15: if i guess right will u tell me?
Superainbowbrite: maybe
elijahy15: Shane?
Superainbowbrite: then u'll hav to guess
Superainbowbrite: NO!!
Superainbowbrite: that is wrong, dirty and disguisting
elijahy15: r u sure?
Superainbowbrite: yes
Superainbowbrite: i swear im tellin the truth
elijahy15: Micheal?
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: never
Superainbowbrite: he's to good A friend
elijahy15: do i know him/
Superainbowbrite: yeah
elijahy15: is he in honors lit?
Superainbowbrite: ye
Superainbowbrite: s
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: yes
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: yes
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: yes
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: MAYBE SOO
Superainbowbrite: lol
Superainbowbrite: ha!!
elijahy15: is he in team B
Superainbowbrite: most likely\
elijahy15: does he play a sport?
Superainbowbrite: i dont kno
Superainbowbrite: im not a stalker
elijahy15: lol. is he in one of ur classes?
Superainbowbrite: maybw
elijahy15: is he in our lunch class?
elijahy15: is he/
Superainbowbrite: ya
elijahy15: do people call him Ludacris or Mr. Wiggles?
Superainbowbrite: i dont think soo
elijahy15: does he sit near u in lunch?
Superainbowbrite: i domnt know wher ppl sit6
Superainbowbrite: im not a stalkeer
elijahy15: can u get a guess of what type of music he listens to?
elijahy15: does he have spiked hair?
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: and if i did it would be obvious
Superainbowbrite: (no was the hair)
Superainbowbrite: so anytning else?
elijahy15: does he know your friends?
Superainbowbrite: some, maybe, i guess
Superainbowbrite: lets guess ppl? ok?/
elijahy15: Andy/
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: ewww
elijahy15: Julian?
Superainbowbrite: eww
Superainbowbrite: thats worse than shane
Superainbowbrite: im sorry
Superainbowbrite: hes nice and all
Superainbowbrite: but no
elijahy15: Austin?lol
Superainbowbrite: austin isnt in our lunch.. durr!!
elijahy15: he isn't?
elijahy15: wow/
elijahy15: Brian?
Superainbowbrite: lol
Superainbowbrite: yeah(sarcasm)
Superainbowbrite: of curze ur wrong keep goin
elijahy15: lol:-D
elijahy15: Quaque?
elijahy15: i know
Superainbowbrite: quaque??
Superainbowbrite: oo
Superainbowbrite: kweku!
Superainbowbrite: NO
elijahy15: Aubrey:-D
Superainbowbrite: AGAIN.. LIKE mIKE, TOO GOOD A FRIEND
elijahy15: Paul?
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: never
elijahy15: Sunny?
Superainbowbrite: no
elijahy15: Pratik?
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: hes white
elijahy15: Chris Rosenburg?
Superainbowbrite: kno.. just gonna pretend
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: wrong im
Superainbowbrite: sry
Superainbowbrite: ok
Superainbowbrite: c'mon keep it cummin
elijahy15: Kyle?
Superainbowbrite: kyle who??
elijahy15: okay
Superainbowbrite: okay??
Superainbowbrite: do we have a final guess?
elijahy15: no give me a detail?
Superainbowbrite: naww
elijahy15: why
Superainbowbrite: to torture
Superainbowbrite: u
elijahy15: i know him, he is in our lunch, and he is white. am i correct?
Superainbowbrite: yeah
Superainbowbrite: and i will not tell::
Superainbowbrite: his eye color(which i am unsure of)
Superainbowbrite: and his hair color
Superainbowbrite: cuz itd be obvious
elijahy15: name some people who are not it
Superainbowbrite: umm.. all the ppl you guessed, except for one
Superainbowbrite: cuz u guessed it!! hahaha!!
Superainbowbrite: lolloooolooloooooooollooloolooooloolooloollloolololol
elijahy15: one who i didn't say yet?
elijahy15: right/
Superainbowbrite: nope
Superainbowbrite: you guessed... i liee
Superainbowbrite: *lied
Superainbowbrite: lol!!
elijahy15: Julian?
Superainbowbrite: no
elijahy15: u sure?
elijahy15: r u?
elijahy15: Andy?
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: la
Superainbowbrite: la
Superainbowbrite: la
Superainbowbrite: !!
Superainbowbrite: whatever..
elijahy15: i won't mouth is sealed
Superainbowbrite: riite
Superainbowbrite: like I'd tell anyway
Superainbowbrite: but we can guess some morenad maybe I'll change my mind
Superainbowbrite: or I'll have to go on to the roof and scream it
elijahy15: Shane isn't it
elijahy15: i won't tell
elijahy15: :-D
elijahy15: O:-)
elijahy15: it is Shane isn't it?
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: ewww
Superainbowbrite: no
elijahy15: give me one more hint;-)
Superainbowbrite: umm
Superainbowbrite: lemme
Superainbowbrite: think
Superainbowbrite: he has a nose
elijahy15: a good one.
Superainbowbrite: jibberish
elijahy15: one that will help a little even the slightest
Superainbowbrite: it will
Superainbowbrite: becasue you've said his name
elijahy15: Andy
elijahy15: is it him
Superainbowbrite: nope
Superainbowbrite: ur still wrong
Superainbowbrite: although, Andy does have a nose
elijahy15: Julian?
Superainbowbrite: no,
Superainbowbrite: he also has a nose
elijahy15: Michael H.
Superainbowbrite: nope
Superainbowbrite: he has a small nose
elijahy15: u sure?
Superainbowbrite: YES
Superainbowbrite: my gramma lives in the 40's
elijahy15: then the only one left is Brian
Superainbowbrite: u guessed a lot more ppl
Superainbowbrite: and no
Superainbowbrite: and either way...
Superainbowbrite: i'm still not telling
elijahy15: if i guess right u said u would tell me
Superainbowbrite: noi
Superainbowbrite: i said i might
elijahy15: Paul
elijahy15: thats it u like paul
Superainbowbrite: nope
Superainbowbrite: paul hates emo
Superainbowbrite: i love emo
elijahy15: emo?
elijahy15: what's that?
Superainbowbrite: a type of muci
Superainbowbrite: *music
Superainbowbrite: and to like sombody, I have to have a similar taste of music with them
elijahy15: i said everyone twice already
elijahy15: >:o
Superainbowbrite: big woop
Superainbowbrite: can u send the whole convo to me?
Superainbowbrite: i want it for my blog
Superainbowbrite: just select all and copy
Superainbowbrite: then email it to
elijahy15: why do u want it for blog?
Superainbowbrite: for reference
elijahy15: r u writing a book about something?
Superainbowbrite: yeah, a book about the pyeah, a book about the person I like
Superainbowbrite: lol
Superainbowbrite: just to prove how good a liar i am
Superainbowbrite: helloo??
elijahy15: no i won't then unless u tell me who u like
Superainbowbrite: ok
Superainbowbrite: send it firstg
elijahy15: i am not stupid tell me and i will send it
Superainbowbrite: you swear?
elijahy15: yes.
Superainbowbrite: ***********
Superainbowbrite: ther told ya
Superainbowbrite: \or i cna tell you in kristi talk
elijahy15: no cheater. tell me in English
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: here
Superainbowbrite: i'll tell ya
Superainbowbrite: gidtcz t.
Superainbowbrite: its kristi code
Superainbowbrite: and few understand
Superainbowbrite: i dotn say inpublic places
elijahy15: u can tell me and when u get the copy take out hte part off who u like
Superainbowbrite: no
Superainbowbrite: the blog knows
Superainbowbrite: soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Superainbowbrite: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
elijahy15: u can edit it out. just do that
Superainbowbrite: why?
Superainbowbrite: the blog knows who i like
Superainbowbrite: its on therr
Superainbowbrite: i just want the convo
elijahy15: so if u tell me it's no big deal
elijahy15: right?
Superainbowbrite: yeah
Superainbowbrite: its a biggi
elijahy15: tell me then please?
Superainbowbrite: no
elijahy15: then u don't get the convo
Auto response from Superainbowbrite: Elijah will never know....

elijahy15: i will give it to now
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