Saturday, November 22, 2003
10:33 PM

Title: Special
Listenin: Bigger Than My Body- John Mayer
Watching(or was): Carnivale/ Death to Smoochy
Eatin or drinkin: nuttin, but i am hungry
Chattin: on my dad's sn, noone

unky mood!

Friday, November 21, 2003
10:55 PM

Title: Mad
Listenin: Idiot B/F- Jimmy Fallon/ I Believe in a Thing Called Love- The Darkness
Watching(or was): sumthin
Eatin or drinkin: nun
Chattin: nun

okay, so you heard the exciting news!!!! I know, its great. We've all been waiting for this and now no one's allowed to say anything. eep!! He asked her in a note, adn technically she hasnt said "yes" YET. But shes prolly is and if she says no, I'll never talk to her again. THis is soo hard to keep!!! AACK!!!!!!!! yay!!!! I am sooo excited. More than all the funny stuff that me, Tiff, Gabby, Ally, Bully, Brian, and everyone did during HAP. Which involved a great discussion about Mrs. Schilders not real "affairs" with Mr. Haj, Mr. Wares, and Mr. Janeska! and another about somethign not that nice. And I got "punk'd" by Tiffany. I'll get her back. Tahts the thingy for yearbok with embarassing pcs of people for yearbook. It's cool. I have on of Veronica taken by Chris. can't stop laughing. Trying to breath, but my new haricut, super short for me, keeps falling in my giggling face. eep!! school like sentences. I have to put the dog out, but before I go, Veroncia n Chris played footsie on the bus!!!!!!

10:43 PM

Title: I Knew It Would Happen Sooner or LAter
Listenin: Breathe- Mich Branch/ Drive Away- All Amer. Rejects
Watching(or was): news
Eatin or drinkin: nuttin
Chattin: nuttin

okay, so here's the's not exactly official yet, but Veronica and Chris are going out! dads comin bbl!!!!

10:21 PM

ok, so I ahve some of the bestest news I have ever heard in my life. BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Firstly, I staret with my new blog thing, so I show you how it will go.
Title: soo happy
Listenin: Amsterdam- Guster
Watching(or was): Indie Thrillers
Eatin or drinkin: Nothin
Chattin: Cola

okay, that said.. I have to load that and when I do, I will tell you the great news!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2003
6:41 PM

Yes, I know I haven't updated in ages, but life has been soo amazingly busy. I have clubs and assignments for them, pics for YB, articles for Newspaper, and liunes for Drama, which I still havent memorized. Plus, I am sick, but I can't be absebnt because I wanna go out on Friday, which means going to Dance class, not the sucky school dance that Veronica wants to go to. Shes soo weird. Plus, when you have a suicidal friend, a bunch of arguing ones, and normal ones, life is tough. I am soo tired and stuff for me is soo hard. I laugh and pretend, but It's not okay. Not at all. I mean, I'm not suicidal, I saw a coo, quote:
"Sometimes I want to die, but I'm afraid of Death:
Makes sense, like, I know things will be better soon, but I am just really stressed right now but I think this is helping, If only I had more time.

Also, today I read a great bit by Alex( from the mailing list. She just makes such amazing snse about how great growing up is. I guess I want to be mroe liek her, too, but I'm not smart, nice or graceful, I want to be, but I;m me and I guess thats as good as it gets.

The other day in Lit, I was out of my seat when the teacher started to yella t us. So I went to fun to my seat and fell over and hurt my arm. Ouch! Yesterday(from that day) Laura did the same anhd today Kemaly did the same. it's really weird funny and embarassing.

I hadda go to the nurse and I told Eunice hew I like adn she kinda likes Paul. OMG!!! Paul got his sced changes, so I have no more classes with Paul. :'( I'll miss them cuz hes funny. Umm. in science today, we had to pick our partners and Andy picked me, but then Mr. Wares decided to change the groups anyway, so... yeah. ummm... i had sumthin else tosay, but iono. we. I have to take a nap before I faint, so bibi!!

Monday, November 17, 2003
9:14 PM

Today, while skimming blogs, I found this post and I like it alot. Visit this person @:
Meghan Dearest

This is how it went:

I feel like I'm living some kind of double life. I enjoy University, I like some of the stuff I learn, I like the independance. I like my city, I like cosmopolite. I like realizing that my friendships are more than just convenience friendships.

This is kind of where the double life comes in. I keep thinking of my old friendships as more valid and more important as my new ones. Because I know these people really well and adore them. And they know me almost inside out. They don't need alcohol in them to be absolutely insane and love fun and laughing no matter what anyone thinks. Here, I wouldn't even consider holding hands with someone and skipping through the mall. And this weekend when we did that at home, we made some peoples' days. Because we were loving life, who cares if we look like idiots.

I'm trying to teach myself how to be alone. How to have fun when people aren't there. Because I've been living my life from one event with people to the next. I forget that I'm still LIVING when I'm by myself, and those minutes count too. And just waiting around and thinking of the next time I'll see my old friends or go out with my new friends is not very useful.

Also, wishing I was back at home, and thinking that those people are my REAL friends, and these people are my temporary friends, four years until I get to see my old ones more often, is bad and stupid.

I want to live in the now. It's just hard, because the then was so often. But I know that I have to live a full life. I can have a life where I keep in touch with all the people in my life, live in the now, and not wish I was in the past. I know I can, I just don't know how. And I'm not going to make friends here to the calibre I did at home if I just wish I was with my old friends. I need to love everyone. From everywhere. I need to re-find myself, somehow I got a little bit lost in the move.

I need to find people here to love. I need to just LOVE. That's how I find happiness.

I kinda agree. I like TIff and Ally and everyone, but like, woah, Briana and I will always have more fun than I could have with them because we'll be morons EVERYWHERE!

Sunday, November 16, 2003
10:19 PM

this is a really dumb blog to have comments on. I mean, nobody reads it and if i put it out therr, it mite get into the wrong hands!

12:33 AM

I went to see Radio with Ally and LAura the other nite. We saw Steph Cava there. She looked kinda shocked that I was there. She was with Erica and Malika. I wonder what would happen if they knew Steph stuffed her bra. That would be funny!!!!umm.. we saw RADIO, which was soo good!! I loved it. But it was so sad, I hysterically crited for almost the whole movie.

Went to Philly

12:31 AM

ya know, it mite explain him wanting to know who I liked, which Veronica knows and Tiffnay has successfully guessed, but we own't tell her. Is it really that obvious?
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