Saturday, November 29, 2003
1:00 AM

Title: I hate Mrs. Pappas and if she ever read this(and I hope she does) she should realize that everybody hates her and wishes she would leave us poor children alone because, life may be tough, but Satan's nicer than Mrs. Pappas
Listenin: nothin
Watching(or was): nada.. Pappas has some dumb report due soon, maybe she should try tellling us the due dates and how to do the report.
Eatin or drinkin: water- maybe some coffee soon, thank God I don't drive, I'd be killing people.
Chattin: nobody, but my mommy just got home and now I'm going to vent on her instead of the blog, I think.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003
1:25 PM

Title: ocuh!
Listenin: the dawgie
Watching(or was): just got back from school!
Eatin or drinkin: un, but soon.. PIZZA BAGELS!
Chattin: nun

so I told Chris that Veronicua said yes after school because Iw as getting tire of waiting. then he pinchd me.... ow.. we played the car game today. ery exciting. hugay-nez calls!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003
10:26 PM

Title: let's play a joke
Watching(or was): Real World/ Rich Girls
Eatin or drinkin: nun
Chattin: nun

I wanna play a phone tap on Veronica about Chris.It would be great. I would tell her that I was writing an email to her and it got sent to everyone except HER!! ha!! That would be great. It would have been sent even to just her parents! I just havta wait until they go out. YES!!!!

8:09 PM

Title: yeah
Watching(or was):
Eatin or drinkin:
will fill in later.. doin layout!!!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2003
9:56 PM

Title: yay!!
Listenin: 12:51- The Strokes/ Best of Me- the starting line/ The Voice WIthin- Christina A.
Watching(or was): Fear Factor- oh yeah!
Eatin or drinkin: cough drop
Chattin: gabby, but my AM is on

Guess what!?!?!?! Veronica said YES!!! SHE SAID YES!!!!!! but i have to keep it on the "dl"(aka down low). of curze, I told like a hillion zillion people today, so I will have to update them. I mean, you may say I'm a bad friend, but everybodys been waiting for them to gt together, so, its not really a secret. we all knew it was gonna happen. So I'm very spastical and I havta change the unky-ma bobber mood, yeah. i had fun today. I sang the sweater song in the hallway. Ally thinks im crazy. Julian thinks I'm even crazier. Thy stole my camera. The sickos!

Great story. Today in SS, Chris goes to the b/r and Andy's waiting, right? So Chris comes back and he says
"mrs. S, can I hav my pass back. I didn't go to the bathroom."
so she's says "why not?>"
"well, these kids in the hall said theres a mouse in there"
SO mrs. Schilder sends Chris AND andy, holding hands to the bathroom. So they come back, and I'm like, did you see the little mousie??
so then Andy says "there was no mouse! some 6th graders told Chris that and he believed them!" so everybody cracks up adn now2 I wish I still had that dumb stuart little car to scare people with. I loved that thing! It kicked bootay.

Well, back to veronica, yeah. I'm really happy for her. yay!!! I can't, well I actulally can, but I don;t believe shes really gonna lie to the parental unit, after she put up the big fight for like a year about it. She's making me soo proud!!! **sobs** It's like somebody;s getting married. lol. soo anyway, I havta go to the group blog, so yeah

Sunday, November 23, 2003
3:53 PM

Title: yeah
Listenin: the telly
Watching(or was): i have no clue
Eatin or drinkin: nutin, just came back from lunch
Chattin: nobody, everyones away...:(

have to call veronica and then i'll update. just wanted to be here and ummmm... stuff.

12:48 AM

Title: tired, but here
Listenin: Buddy Holly-Weezer/ Undone-The Sweater Song- Weezer
Watching(or was): nuttin
Eatin or drinkin: nuttin
Chattin: noone

today i didn't get to ask Vee about her decision because I was in Princeton. i got a weezer cd(blue), a princeton sweater, and some pumas!! cool beans, as Mich would say. Veronica freaked out when I told her Andy picked me for Science. I didnt see it as a biggie, because I was the only cool person left, i mean, he could've picked Stephanie, who is uber popular, or Vanessa, but I was the kinda logical choice. Like, he would know me and Steph would work, but iono. In computers, Billy called Briana the "trow-up" girl. Then we talked about Lesbians. lol. I watched Death to Smoochy. It was okay. I liked it, but a little to graphic in the men's downstairs area, lol. I got an unky moood, which i thought was neat. i'm special because I got a lotta stuff today, I had fun, I didnt tell anyone veronicas secret, I pierced my ears(the hole closed up adn I shoved an earing through, with a lotta blood), adn I flirted with Andy on friday. I suck at flirting. I really do. I don;t know how. but hye, w/e. i made my dad a KazAa cd. I want a new layout. Ummm I'm tired and I need a shower to nix the pink hair(hot head). 'm going to the evening of giving tomorrow(prolly). I hope I see someone I know. I doubt it, but if I see umm.. someone, I don;t kno. Shane's better, i think. He hasn't beejn very manic depressive. elijah wants to kno the veronica story and Stephie's mad that Step Cava thought she was lebanese last year. I want to play guitar adn I might get to play next year!!! yay!!!!!!!!!! Once I can read music really well and play piano with two hands really good, I can!!! I am really excited, but I am also thinking., I'm getting mall money for Christmas and if they'res a guitar store there, I am buying one. Hopefully, I'll have enouygh. Better vaccuum for extra so by Christmas. Steph reccomends an accoustic. Her paretns are making her play. not really, but they want her to, since she plays violin. I wanna play!!! well, yeah. my goals in life are tpo speak 4 languages: english, spanish, french and latin
to play 3 1/2 instruments: bass guitar, guitar, piano, drums(becasue theyre guitars, but kinda different)
to pass pre-algebra with an A average and be a singer, dancer and actress. The dancing part, farfetched, verY!!
BUT I AM TIRED!! AND sMELLY! LOL. shower time!!!
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