Wednesday, December 03, 2003
6:21 PM

Title: Vaness is tha coolest! ha!
Listenin: random stuff off of No Doubt:Greatest Hits
Watching(or was): the news
Eatin or drinkin: i just had dinner
Chattin: nobody, everyones away, eating!

I think Vanessa is very cool as of now. well, like 3 dyas of go. same thing. ya kno. Cuz I always ask her who shes listening to, right? yeah. okay, so I've got my headphones on and andys right there and im jokin with Tiff Tiff. So, Vanessa asks what I'm lsitenin to. So I'm like Led Zepplin(rox my sox[thats the weirdest thig I've ever said]). and Andy says something about led zepplin being his icon, so im like whats ur im? soooo, now i kno. but i already did, from the sally's blog, but who cares? not me. i guess. and today was dull. i had drama and I know all my lines! yay! i didnt havta go during HAP, so i was glad. then, um, i told gabby, andy and billy about Lindseys beloved Quik Chek call. ha! just thinking of that makes me crack up! ummmm... i need a new sn. yeah. so, email me if ya have sugg. or post them. i read the comments! insanely. i wish YOU would post soemthing. i will never forget when lindsey called HOOTERS either!
About Me
name: Annonymous writer
birthday: ?-?-1990
grade: ?
hometown: New jersey

movie: MPATHG
food: pasta
place: NYC- SoHo, Times Square, or the Villiage
animal: doggie
drink: Coke
show: Friends, CSI, Daria
color: green, pink, white

Listening To
BLink 182- Mark Tom and travis Show
Weezer- anything
random stuff-woah


Playing: Paper Heart- All American Rejects
Why THis song?: It reminds me of Gettysburg, which when I reminisce, was such a fun time.. I could actually almost cry, which i don't do often, just thinking of how much our friendships have changed since then.. in good and bad.. woah,, thats sad...
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