Saturday, December 27, 2003
12:05 PM

Listenin: harder tp breath- maroon 5
Watching(or was): nuttin
Eatin or drinkin: nothin
Chattin: noone

i realized why i don't care that sally likes andy or did or w/e. It's because I only have a crush... i'm not like in love and i wouldn;t really want to go out with him. Kinda like alex the girl who in her bio says that she doesn't fall in love easily, just crushes terribly. That's me. I also realized why I need this blog so much in my life. to show my inner emotions and stuff to other people becuase my friends never, ever saw the delicae, poetic, more passionate side of me. All they see is the wild, crazy, insane me that does anything(for a price). Just something i realized...

Wednesday, December 24, 2003
6:04 PM

Title: Is That What You Really Think
Listenin: cold-stupid girl/random(radio@aol)
Watching(or was): toons!!!
Eatin or drinkin: nuttin
Chattin: all alone

at the moment, i should be getting dressed for church but i really just HAd to let my emotions out. So, I'll let the first thing go..
I was eading Sally's blog and i read one post about her not liking how she looks and my only expression to it was WTF? becasue I would much rather be like her. She;s so interesting and cool and just, not shy. She's not afraid of her emotions and she says what she wants. I wish I could be like that. And she likes Andy.. well, maybe not now, but she does or did. beyond that, I think he likes her and beyond that, I dont care becasue as long as I help in matching people up, i feel just as good. it's weird, yea I kno.
The next thing i wanted to say was that I was looking through my old diary entries that I used to write and I realized how shallow I am baout people. I don't care. I am me. Merry X-Mas eve. I have 26 minutes to get ready.

1:35 PM

today i talked to cara... this is our convo, but i editied her name out. I should edit away my name too, but i doubt anybody i know will find this.. or will they?

cara: srry bout that
cara returned at 1:25 PM
caRA: now u look at tha homepage k?
cara is away at 1:27 PM
Superainbowbrite: ok
Auto response from : Its Christmas time in *tinseltown* again
Superainbowbrite: eep!!!
Superainbowbrite: sprry
Superainbowbrite: i forgot to put the AM on
returned at 1:28 PM
cara: ok
cara: sryy i had to pe e
cara: and im confused
Superainbowbrite: lol
cara: y did u im me on aol?
Superainbowbrite: to get the homepage link
Superainbowbrite: i need it
cara : o0o
Superainbowbrite: what is it again becuase the link didnt work
cara: just im it
cara: cangel
Superainbowbrite: ok
cara: kk
Superainbowbrite: carebears!!
cara: yay
Superainbowbrite: wootness!!!
cara: lol
Superainbowbrite: dont laugh at my word
cara: ok
cara: ill laughin my mind
Superainbowbrite: ok
Superainbowbrite: thats better
cara: hehe
cara: NO

Superainbowbrite: lalala
cara: i didnt just laugh
cara: i meant to say umm
cara: MEME
cara : thats what i meant
Superainbowbrite: riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
cara: yup
Superainbowbrite: yepp
Superainbowbrite: sooooooo
cara: do u no mary?
Superainbowbrite: i kno whon she is and I've met her a few times
cara: o0o i see
cara: brb
cara is away at 1:33 PM
Superainbowbrite: ok
Auto response from cara: ~I dont want a lot for christmas there is just one thing i need~ i dont care about the presents underneath the christmas tree~ i just want u for my own~ more then u could ever know~ make my wish come true~ all i want for christmas is YOO~

11:33 AM

The Gift of Blog How To Give The Last-Minute Gift of Blog is our most recent creative tutorial. It's a holiday-themed how-to for the mall-weary gift-giver. Happy Festivus!

i thought that was cool.
i'm signing off for the holidays, which is today and tomorrow. i mite be online, but I won't be updating, probably.

Sunday, December 21, 2003
2:37 PM

Title: Commercial Holidays

Today i went to the Target to finish most of my christmas shopping. I only ned a present for Allz and tiffy, but that's beside the point. What I noticed was home commercialized this holiday season has bcome. I mean, really. Once I had all og my items, my mother weant done. She needed a card table. Well, anyway, I was in the CD department, which contained about as many people as it possibly could, and all of them were on cell phones. Not that I condone them, but it was hillarious watching these mothers shout into their phones to hear what the other person was saying. Amoungst that was me, amazed at how commercialized this holiday season had become.. I just thought it was weird.. think about it. and have a merry christmas.
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