Wednesday, January 07, 2004
9:45 PM

I think I had a nervous breakdown. then i ate moldy grilled cheese. then my mother called me fat. and the week has gotten worse and all i do at night anymore is cry and I'm not suicidal or depressed or anything along those lines, so DONT be alarmed. I'm just sorta stressed out and everything. I have tests and friends and I wanna have fun and I;m constantly p!$$*d off. I hate voice lessons.. i hate the darn piano and I WANT THE GUITAR to work and nobody will let it!!! I finally got one and it neeeds a sting and to be tuned. Nobody will get me the stuff, so I'm stuck with a crappy guitar........................................

Sunday, January 04, 2004
2:57 PM

:::10 Bands You've Seen Live:::

1. GOB
2. Simple Plan(2)
3. Aerosmith(2)
4. Bowling for Soup
5. Pennyroyals

:::09 Things You're Looking Forward To:::

1. Summer
2. My hair growing out
3. The day my braces come out
4. My birhtday
5. Going back to school(for social reasons)
6. Going to the mall
7. Going to the movies
8. Briana coming home
9. painting my nails

:::08 Things You Wear Daily:::

1. a hair tie on my wrist
2. jeans?(most of the time)
3. my converse or pumas.
4. cute undies
5. contacts
6. a bra
7. socks
8. clothes

:::07 Things That Annoy You:::

1. Avril Lavinge
2. Hillary Duff
3. Cat hair
4. bruises
5. Mail
6. The Piano
7. my parents

:::06 Things You Touch Every Day:::

1. my doggie
2. my cats hair
4. my make-up friends(hugs, shaking hands)
6. the comp

:::05 Things You Do Every Day:::

1. talk
2. blog or talk online
3. eat pretzels
4. flirt
5. dance

:::04 People You'd Want to Spend More Time With:::

1. Briana
2. Lauren
3. Lindsey
4. My gramma

:::03 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:::

1. Monty Python
2. Ferris Bueler's Day Off
3. Big Trouble

:::02 Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment:::

1.No Rain- Blind Melon
2.Waiting- Greenday
(with Meglomaniac-Incubus comin colse!!!)

:::01 Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With:::
1. I would like to say briana or veronica or lindsey or some friend. But i cna't. I love you all.... but I could never ever live with onlky one of you.. not ithout killing you so I could hang with another, lol.
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Playing: Paper Heart- All American Rejects
Why THis song?: It reminds me of Gettysburg, which when I reminisce, was such a fun time.. I could actually almost cry, which i don't do often, just thinking of how much our friendships have changed since then.. in good and bad.. woah,, thats sad...
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