Thursday, January 15, 2004
8:47 PM

F A M E by spazyspag
Youre famous for:Coming out of the closet while making your Golden Globe acceptance speech
You get famous:November 18, 2016
You make $$ per/year:$1.9553151317116e+15
Do people like you?Everyone wants to bone you.
Dead/Alive:Alive, but not for long
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2:04 PM

this my brilliant post!!! ::cheers!::

nevermind.. my song won't download so I can't post unless its on!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004
4:47 PM

Title: Lost
Listenin: Guster-Amsterdam(remids me of summer.. god, I had soo much fun!)
Watching(or was):
Eatin or drinkin:

new layout and soon a really good post for the nobody(sobs) who reads this, or for the millions who dont read this..,

Monday, January 12, 2004
6:35 PM

Title: So then what happens?
Listenin: Blind Melon-No Rain/ Liz-Phair- Why Can't I
Watching(or was): underworld(my dad is)
Eatin or drinkin: gum(doublement)
Chattin: AM onn!!!

Well, sure I havent updated in a while, but thats okily dokily because I don;t feel like reading the book and tomorrow is the lit class presentation I've worked soo hard on!!I'm nervous b/c me n allison are gonna dance together, lol.. umm. we kinda had a fight and steph is on her side gut on mine too, just cuz i don't like allison a lot and i hate how shes tries to control the group even though I do too, but I am the stage manager. even though theyre sorta fake, me n her kinda head butt on stuff becasue we have a lot of stage experiecne. Ally says we clash b/c our lives are soo different. Like, shes all dancce dance dance and when she gets a bad grade her mother calls up and she passes.. just like that. It's not fair. I have to actually work for my grades. It's also that we're sorta different, like, I hate to sound all snobby and stuff, but she has her friends, but shes not the outcast, but shes not popular. Neither am I, really, but I'm not an outcast.. I'm like, team popular.. the whole team knows me, plus some kids on team A, C, and D. So it could be worse.. i guess. I don;t.. nopee....
About Me
name: Annonymous writer
birthday: ?-?-1990
grade: ?
hometown: New jersey

movie: MPATHG
food: pasta
place: NYC- SoHo, Times Square, or the Villiage
animal: doggie
drink: Coke
show: Friends, CSI, Daria
color: green, pink, white

Listening To
BLink 182- Mark Tom and travis Show
Weezer- anything
random stuff-woah


Playing: Paper Heart- All American Rejects
Why THis song?: It reminds me of Gettysburg, which when I reminisce, was such a fun time.. I could actually almost cry, which i don't do often, just thinking of how much our friendships have changed since then.. in good and bad.. woah,, thats sad...
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