Wednesday, February 11, 2004
6:50 PM

we're back at the beginning...again... eliaj wants to guess it and i'll keep the results posted::lmao
(to see the previous convo.. scroll doen really far and look at my November Entries...)
i xed.. he'll be back later

5:43 PM

ally doesnt really like laura and sam and this week has beeen really weird cuz tiffany told me that ally doesnt like me, but now Ally likes me again and is mad at laura and sam b/c theyre being totally snotty to us and i'm like woah!! confuzzled.. and i've been dealing with this and pms.. and linsdeys bdayy!! yay lindasaeyy!!!!!! plus my show is tomorrow and stuff woahness....i freekin dont know ne more.. i ned a dress n lauren is trying to ruin my lindsey planzz........shizzle

5:39 PM

elijah is trying to figure out who i like again and cara is mad cuz i wont tell her.... jeez... life is sooo

Tuesday, February 10, 2004
4:11 PM

Your Moulin Rouge Status: by pinkrobelover
Your Name:
Your deepest secret:You raped that poor little midget
The Bohemian Ideal You hold true to most is:Truth
Your Job at the Moulin Rouge:Ewan McGregor Petter
What the customers think:You aren't worth the price
Favorite Quote:"The Show must go on."
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4:08 PM

i wish i could explain all the days I havent blogged, but I feel that even I don't understand them.

4:07 PM

i made this!
What Random Retro Band are You? by soapy1234
Pick a generation...
What music appeals to you?
Are you...
ta-Da..go listen 2 some..that guy
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About Me
name: Annonymous writer
birthday: ?-?-1990
grade: ?
hometown: New jersey

movie: MPATHG
food: pasta
place: NYC- SoHo, Times Square, or the Villiage
animal: doggie
drink: Coke
show: Friends, CSI, Daria
color: green, pink, white

Listening To
BLink 182- Mark Tom and travis Show
Weezer- anything
random stuff-woah


Playing: Paper Heart- All American Rejects
Why THis song?: It reminds me of Gettysburg, which when I reminisce, was such a fun time.. I could actually almost cry, which i don't do often, just thinking of how much our friendships have changed since then.. in good and bad.. woah,, thats sad...
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