Sunday, February 22, 2004
5:36 PM

please dont im her!!!!!

5:35 PM

anyway.. now ally n laura think i like billy becasue of an inside joke they dont understand becasue.. SHOCK... i didnt invite them wit me to da mall. And she keeps bragging abt her @ boyfriernds, which arent even real. Tiffany n me dont b-lieve about the ine in JAckson and I dont think elijah likes her.. Im not jelous becasue elijah used to like me, not to brag and I guess it sounds like that.. sorry..
heres last nitez convo..
(ally n elijah)
elijah: hey
ally: hi!
elyijah: what u doin
ally: i was watching Dickie Roberts former child star...but now im talking to the lovely you:)
eylijah: thanks dont make me blush:-[
elijah: lol
ally: lmao...but cmon ur pretty awesome
elijah: thanks so r u
ally: stop:):):)
ally: but @ the same time...go on!!
elijah: :-!
elijah: :-D
elijah: man i am beat
elijah: i had a basketball game and i am whooped

now for the good stuff:

BScene INC: i gotta send u sumthin
Superainbowbrite: kk
BScene INC: i did
BScene INC: did u get it
BScene INC: hmmmmmm
Superainbowbrite: yeah
Superainbowbrite: OMG
Superainbowbrite: i think he likes you
BScene INC: he does.... we talked bout it
Superainbowbrite: can i tell laura?
Superainbowbrite: woah
BScene INC: i sent her the convo alreasy
Superainbowbrite: ok
Superainbowbrite: cool
BScene INC: but we s odo lyke eachother
Superainbowbrite: did he say that or was it the casual breezy thing
BScene INC: wut?
Superainbowbrite: like Did he say that or was it the " maybe" but really yes thing
BScene INC: i asked him if he lyked me and he said that i was expecting a certain answer and i told him i lyked him and he said he lyked me 2
Superainbowbrite: ooo
BScene INC: i know...go ahead n b jealous
Superainbowbrite: im not
BScene INC: every 1 u have 2 bfs???
Superainbowbrite: no and i dont want 2 boyfriends
Superainbowbrite: i think thats mean
Superainbowbrite: to both
BScene INC: i gunna dump 1 eventually
BScene INC: my 1st bf knows wuts goin on
Superainbowbrite: ok
BScene INC: i got these weird hone calls last nite
BScene INC: phone*\
Superainbowbrite: really? what happend?
BScene INC: it played music
Superainbowbrite: mee too
Superainbowbrite: what song? mine was TOXIC
Superainbowbrite: it was my cellie too
Superainbowbrite: it wasrted like 10 minutes
BScene INC: i got lyke a virgin
Superainbowbrite: cuzza ur sound
Superainbowbrite: i thought it was tiffany
BScene INC: was weird
Superainbowbrite: but then ire alized she was with you
BScene INC: i know...did u get only 1
Superainbowbrite: 2
Superainbowbrite: as messages
Superainbowbrite: i was in dance, so my phone was on silent
BScene INC: 000
BScene INC: wut was the otha 1
Superainbowbrite: same song
Superainbowbrite: u can oly leave a certain length, so the second was the song..contuinued
BScene INC: o0o0o0
BScene INC: who should i go out w/?
Superainbowbrite: elijah
Superainbowbrite: ??
BScene INC: u think so......
Superainbowbrite: yteha
Superainbowbrite: its hard
Superainbowbrite: cuz i dont want u guys to fight n then wed lose him 4 evr
BScene INC: i will....not we
Superainbowbrite: yeah, but id feel bad and i w0ouldnt wanna talk to him.,. unless it was mutula
Superainbowbrite: *mutual
BScene INC: i know.......but idk....
Superainbowbrite: dont date anyone
Superainbowbrite: be single
BScene INC: then ill b breakin 2 hearts
Superainbowbrite: yeah
Superainbowbrite: well wait,m did he ask u out yewt
Superainbowbrite: cuz vee and chris liked each other forevr, but they nevr officially went out
BScene INC: no...but weve been talkin bout it
BScene INC: but dont talk bout it w/ him thao
Superainbowbrite: no, y would it
Superainbowbrite: its not my biz
Superainbowbrite: in fact, i dont know abt this
Superainbowbrite: nevr heard abt it
Superainbowbrite: lo
Superainbowbrite: l
BScene INC: neva heard bout wut
Superainbowbrite: nothing...
Superainbowbrite: (lol, the whole eli n other guy thing)
BScene INC: ive been tellin u
Superainbowbrite: im saying its a joke, so that i wont tell him
Superainbowbrite: or anybody
BScene INC: oooooo
Superainbowbrite: aka: i kno, but i dont kno
BScene INC: ok...i get it
Superainbowbrite: lol
BScene INC: lmao...i guess
Superainbowbrite: yeah
BScene INC: every 1 in the KLAST knows bout this xceps S (kristi, alura, ally, san, tiff)
Superainbowbrite: thats kinda mean, but not in a way
Superainbowbrite: umm
Superainbowbrite: wait.. i hadda say sumthin
BScene INC: i told every1online....and shes nevaonn
Superainbowbrite: yeah
Superainbowbrite: n sumthimes, its her parents
Superainbowbrite: cuz once i imed her n it was like, this is sams dad
Superainbowbrite: n i was like woah
BScene INC: i know
Superainbowbrite: look at my profile, do u like the kiss me im irish
BScene INC: i guess
Superainbowbrite: its all messed up, i kno
Superainbowbrite: im fixing it late
Superainbowbrite: r
Superainbowbrite: GUESS WHAT!?

Superainbowbrite: my contacts ran out so i went to tha doctor n now i only hav clear contacts
Superainbowbrite: u can see my old eye color
Superainbowbrite: i like them
BScene INC: can u cum 2 my parti
Superainbowbrite: but its weird
Superainbowbrite: hold on
BScene INC: kk
Superainbowbrite: brb
BScene INC: CAN U CUM??!?!!??
Superainbowbrite: prollie
Superainbowbrite: i moite havta catch a ride
Superainbowbrite: or is it okay if i come a little early?
BScene INC: fine...u cna c mi room!!!!!
Superainbowbrite: yay!!!
BScene INC: lmao....lfs cin it 2morrow
Superainbowbrite: ooo
Superainbowbrite: i wanna see it
Superainbowbrite: well, i can wait a week
Superainbowbrite: hopefully
BScene INC: lmao...
Superainbowbrite: yeah
Superainbowbrite: mite die
Superainbowbrite: alittle
Superainbowbrite: each day
BScene INC: 9 DAYZ BDAY COUNTDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Superainbowbrite: yay
BScene INC: i know.......
BScene INC: betta get mi sumthin...and decorate the loka!!!!!!!!!
Superainbowbrite: u must be excited
Superainbowbrite: ohhh goshness!!!!
Superainbowbrite: i gotta prep
BScene INC: i 2 tiff shes been plannin since sams b day
Superainbowbrite: cool
Superainbowbrite: itll be easier than hers b/c ur locka is clser to myne
BScene INC: i sneeking
Superainbowbrite: huh?
BScene INC: u dont hafta snek round teaches 2 get 2 mi loka
Superainbowbrite: yepp
BScene INC: g2g in 5 min
Superainbowbrite: kk
BScene INC: LAURA KISSED A GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Superainbowbrite: what???
BScene INC: so now its just u n Tiff...............
Superainbowbrite: ehh
BScene INC: that hafta...unless u havent told me sumthin
Superainbowbrite: life sucks
Superainbowbrite: mayube i didnt lol jkjk
BScene INC: no...its pretty good:):):):
BScene INC: :*
Superainbowbrite: lol
Superainbowbrite: quote"cher's saving herself for Luke Perry"
Superainbowbrite: lol
Superainbowbrite: frum clueless
BScene INC: i no
BScene INC: have u or know
Superainbowbrite: no
BScene INC: sam hasnt either but shes had a bf
Superainbowbrite: who?
BScene INC: Kyle in lyke 2nd grade
Superainbowbrite: oo
Superainbowbrite: does that stuff count?
BScene INC: IDK she thinks it does
Superainbowbrite: oo
Superainbowbrite: cuz like, then i've prolly had a zillion since pre-school
Superainbowbrite: that werent REAL
BScene INC: no....5th grade n on countz
Superainbowbrite: yeah
Superainbowbrite: thats what i thought
Superainbowbrite: also, no joke dates
Superainbowbrite: like when i asked people to marry me
BScene INC: lmao.....u asked them
BScene INC: this yr
BScene INC: u asked my bf...............yeah...u did!!!!!!!!!!!
Superainbowbrite: lol
Superainbowbrite: i did!!!
im sorry
BScene INC: HEY........
BScene INC: well not technically yet...........
BScene INC: still havent decided
Superainbowbrite: lol
BScene INC: but possibly
Superainbowbrite: yeah
BScene INC: u have ne thing interesting 2 say
BScene INC: cuz iff not im gunna go
BScene INC: guess thats a no.........
Superainbowbrite: i dont
Superainbowbrite: lol
Superainbowbrite: i went to da mall
Superainbowbrite: thanaks
Superainbowbrite: mine were blakc
BScene INC: well...gotta go n try 2 pick a bf.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*
BScene INC: bibi
BScene INC: call me @ 300 2morrow
BScene INC: the machine mite pick up...but leave a message
BScene INC: or dont n ill hate u
Superainbowbrite: kk
Superainbowbrite: ill try to remember
BScene INC: bibi
BScene INC signed off at 11:09 PM

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