Saturday, May 15, 2004
4:38 PM

no, i havent updated. theres just so much to really wirte about that I don't wanna talk about and I just dont want to. i don't like lauren.. again. she's just.. ack. annoying. i wish she wouldnt always be like that
its incredibly annoying
we're reading anne frank in lit. its weird to think that maybe after a while.. thsi could be piblished. i dont think i'd enjoy it. id be pretty pissed. i dont want everyone to know my buiness. i;m going to write a book. i'm starting now. i'll post it later.
About Me
name: Annonymous writer
birthday: ?-?-1990
grade: ?
hometown: New jersey

movie: MPATHG
food: pasta
place: NYC- SoHo, Times Square, or the Villiage
animal: doggie
drink: Coke
show: Friends, CSI, Daria
color: green, pink, white

Listening To
BLink 182- Mark Tom and travis Show
Weezer- anything
random stuff-woah


Playing: Paper Heart- All American Rejects
Why THis song?: It reminds me of Gettysburg, which when I reminisce, was such a fun time.. I could actually almost cry, which i don't do often, just thinking of how much our friendships have changed since then.. in good and bad.. woah,, thats sad...
electric * tang
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my blog

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